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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Barbara W. Klaser

What a lovely depiction of, er, one of my least favorite words (mainly because it fits me too well). :)


Cute illo...but what I really wanted to say is "Happy Mother's Day!" xoxo


Happy Mother's Day, Diane!


Nice take on this week's illo!...and, cute butterfly!

In our area, once a year the Monarch butterflies migrate...it is fascinating to see these butterflies taking over the area...fluttering around. It is always fun when one lands on you! :)


aw very pretty :)


Adorable illo! Butterflies are fascinating - that whole caterpillar-chrysalis metamorphosis thing is pretty amazing.


Pretty butterfly and it's eyes are sweet. Nice take on the theme.


Pretty colors! I never touched butterflies because I was told by someone that if I rubbed off something special on their wings, they could never fly again. An old wives' tale?


This is pretty! The pink and purple look like the colors of spring blossoms. How cool that must have been to watch the caterpillars transform into butterflies!

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