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Thursday, October 14, 2004



It's so amazing watching our kids grow up, isn't it? My daughter is only 14 but is such the activist. I don't remember ever being passionate about politics...EVER! but here she is, always with a cause and fighting in justice in the world and in politics. Sounds like you've got great, strong kids!
oxox, tracy


She did an excellent job; her intelligence and passion shine through in her writing! Bravo!!


COMPETENT is the word. My goodness your daughter is definitely on top of the debate -- and she's right, most people assume that college age kids are apathetic. But apparently that is not the case w/ Bonnie.
It was so refreshing to read her commentary!!
Be proud, Mom! Be proud!


No, though it wouldn't be hard for them to find out. I check my stats occasionally, and whenever I see a google or yahoo search, I check out what they were searching for when they hit my blog. For some reason, I am usually in the top 10 hits for seemingly any variety of things (debate funnies, etc). My big question is: why is MY site indexed so highly. It's just a very modest little blog...


So it looks like there is a blogging gene? And do both your kids still not know that their mum is blogging?

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