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Friday, October 08, 2004



I've been rivited to the debates. I'm actually finding them far more informative and so much less annoying than the endless exhaust spewed by the spin doctors of both campaigns. And it's been a pleasure to watch John Kerry looking so easy and presidential while Bush gets his panties in a twist and stomps about like a tantruming toddler. So much noise! What I can't figure out is why the race is so close when every American I come across in cyberspace is pro-Kerry. I have dual American-Canadian citizenship and as such, am very invested in the future of the USA. But I think most citizens of the world have a vested interest in this election, simply because the US is such a powerful nation and such a huge economic power. What I want my fellow Americans to understand is that in all the years I've lived outside the US, I've never seen anti-American sentiment higher. America safer since the invasion of Iraq? My ass!


At least the debate gave us some good laughs!

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