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Wednesday, October 27, 2004



Oh, how awful - it is good that you realize what you have and know how lucky you are, some people never realize until it is too late.


o that's awful. I can't imagine! My heart goes out to your friend and her family. And you too, since you share in the sorrow.


What a heartbreaking story. My prayers for the family. Life can be so hard, and so tragic.


It seems to always happen to the good people... makes me wonder sometimes. My thoughts are with your friend and her family. (as I sit here gazing at the ocean on a beautiful day, counting the many things I have to be thankful for)

Then there are stories like this: 92 hours after a car was buried in a landslide caused by the earthquakes in Niigata, Japan, a 2 year old boy was rescued yesterday.


That is truly a horrible event and as well as making me grateful for what I have, it makes me furious and sad for the loved ones of this man!


Oh my gosh! How terribly sad!! If there's any consolation, it's redeeming to know that his kidney has saved his nephew's life. How incredibly selfless an act with such a tragic ending. :(

Stories like these make me stop dead in my tracks and appreciate all that I have.


Ow! I'm going away now to be all thoughtful and grateful. Stories like this have always been upsetting but since having a baby they make me just want to howl!

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