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Friday, October 01, 2004



good gracious, I went to the Local 14 show!! I bought a super cool painting from amanda blake. It cost me more money than I'm brave enough to say...*hubby doesn't even know* and the thing is...when hubby and friends see it...either in person or on my journal...they say..."What tha..???" They totally don't appreciate the COOLNESS of her work. (do you even know which artist I'm talking about?? :) She is the one that had the super cool beach paintings...one with a family wearing these huge wings. I keep telling everyone that they don't appreciate my 4"x4" painting because they didn't see the 18" x 36" paintings she had for sale at $2000!!

I'm blabbing away and you don't even know me...
just wanted to say hi. I followed a link of yours from a posted comment on Rubber-sol's blog!


I hear that a BIG one is coming and it is kind of exciting, because it really won't affect me much. (not planning to fly anywhere soon and not close enough to have ash all over my car like last time.) My dad and husband are both Veterans for Kerry also; they aren't official, but were in the military and are both voting for him. (ME TOO!)


I absolutely love that etched bowl. My heart did a major lurch when I saw that. Who is the artist? Ooooh, I love it. Mmm. (Great taste!)

I'm up here in Washington and have been monitoring the mountain. At first I figured it wasn't that big of deal, but it sounds like it could definitely become a "bigger" deal.


I would have loved to see the eruption. In our brief stint in Portland, the kids and I loved pointing out the mountain that looked like an ice cream cone!


i just looove both pieces!

glad to hear you all are enjoying the eruptions! I was a bit worried about it. What's with the natural disasters lately?


I didn't get to watch the debates last night, but all I hear about today is 'The Smirk'. People are just now noticing our President smirks?

and I adore your new mug! I hope you drink lots of delicious coffee or tea out of it!

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