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Tuesday, November 30, 2004



Hey RS...Thanks for the comment about the header. Yes, it is a part of my Agnes Richardson postcard collection. I have about 60 of them now. I first found her at a small shop in the UK about 10 years ago and I have been collecting ever since, mostly on Ebay. I just love her fun style and she does a lot of Dutch girls, like me.


Oh I'll have to try that!!! Who knew salt was so darn valuable in so many ways!!!

P.S. Been meaning to comment, but I love your new header. So cute. Are those postcards?


I'm glad the critter problem is solved. Salt--what a cheap and easy way to clean. I will try it on our scummy showers.


Love your new holiday banner! So cute!


Amazing! Salt for cleaning...and closing the vents for winter. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for passing along the information...will accomplish both those little tricks tomorrow. Maybe I'll even save enough on my heating bill to buy stock in salt :)


Hey, salt! We've got these stubborn stains on our burner pans, too. I'm trying that tomorrow!

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