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Wednesday, November 03, 2004



The coasts and the Chicago area went blue, so we are surrounded by like-minded people. It's hard to believe here in New York that he won. My husband and I are thinking of Toronto...


Sorry for the long comment, but to my fellow Americans who didn't vote red: we DON'T have to lie down and take it! This is a sad time but 49% of US voters -- plus so much of the rest of the world -- agree with us in SOME way. That is significant. That is huge. The best thing we can do is band together in peace, hope, and activism and WORK FOR CHANGE. Blast your representatives with letters when important votes come up in congress. Donate your time/energy/what-money-you-can-spare to causes you believe in. Get together with like-minded people and make constructive plans, then act on them. Don't give up!


It was a pretty depressing day all around, with the result for Bush in the States, and now in Holland the mood is very tense with everyone wondering what will happen next after the death of van Gogh. Makes you really appreciate the good things, my husband, son, friends, family.....


I'm super deflated today too....

Sad and blue....but happy to be blue.


I agree with Julie, but what will the rest of us have to suffer if things go from bad to worse? A little under half of us didn't vote for Bush, although we do have to accept him as our president and live with whatever decisions he and his group make. (gag)


*buckling seatbelt*


I agree with Julie that the burden will rest with the Republicans now that they will control Congress and will most likeley be making a new appointment to the Supreme Court. But we must regroup because this little skirmish is one of many we will see as our country tries to redefine what it wants to be.

I enjoy your blog.


I could not agree with you more. I'm in L.A. and I guess I don't have a sense of how the rest of the country, or should I say the middle of the country thinks.

I volunteer for the LA based office of the DNC, very sad day today. My husband has an interesting take, with so many of the house and senate now in the majority, Kerry would have had a very hard time. That being said, Bush is now 100% responsible for what has happened and what will happen, he and his party of money-grubbers. I enjoy your site by the way!! 2008!! we will take it back.

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