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Wednesday, December 22, 2004



Portland was crazy yesterday wasn't it? Middle of the afternoon, and you'd think it was rush hour.

And what a good Mom you are to go out to Beaverton! Only a mother's love could get a woman to shop out there during Christmastime (and pretty much any other time of the year). We have relatives that live in Beaverton, but we hardly ever see them because it takes longer to get there than it does to get to Washington.


I've never even heard of that book--I went to our mall today at about 4:15, experienced very little traffic, found a parking spot, it was amazing. Of course, I wasn't in Seattle either--big cities have lots of traffic anyway, then add the holiday to that. Whew!!


Hehe...I hear you when it comes to the wacky holiday shopper/drivers. I spent 15 minutes looking for a parking spot today (and that's in NH!) ;-)


Would it help if I said how lucky you are to HAVE Powell's and Pioneer Place?! Traffic to Beaverton...a nightmare, I'm sure...oh, but the shopping options sound wondrous in this land of the mall that has stores you've never heard of (and wouldn't want to shop at even if you had). :) Hope your day got better.

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