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Friday, December 31, 2004



Aww...I love that cute little dutch girl illustration. I've noticed that you and other illo people have a great way with colors...especially in regards to the background color. That is a thing, for some reason, that I'm uncomfortable with and just chicken out and leave the bgcolor to match with my webpage.


Love the illo. The color is gorgeous!


That's so cute! I love her hair and the cotton clouds. Such a magical illustration!


Cute illustration. Really like the clouds.

Read your Christmas day post. Hope you MIL is better soon. That pretty much stinks that your siblings didn't mention the no-show on the Xmas gifts. Hard to be gracious when you want to ring someone's neck, huh:)


Hi D!
I like the pattern in her hair and hat -- this illo fits you perfectly! :)

I have so much blog reading to catch up on -- I'm home now...feels SO GOOD. :)

Hope you had fun w/ kidlets and family!
Off to catch up on your posts!

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