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Thursday, December 02, 2004



You are doing such a good job with Illustrator. I keep wanting to buckle down and get better with it, but alas, I can only do the most basic functions. One day maybe...


Hey thanks for the visit! Really appreciate the comment :D I like your illo too! The colors are so refreshing :) keep drawing!


I really love your illustration. The window is fab!


I like it ... a lot! Very cute!


Thats great! You must be really enjoying feeling that you're getting Illustrator under your belt. By the way, I don't want to be nosey, but did you end up seeing your doctor? I hope so, just to be sure.


What a great concept! I love the point of view. The picture in the background is such an fantastic touch!


You are a busy girl - Photo Friday AND Illustration Friday! Your photos are great, I always have loved your photos. I put in a photo friday too ... check it out here: http://www.pbase.com/image/33641150

P.S. As always, thanks for your nice comments tonight :)


We can have that martini as soon as you get out of the tub unless you like bathtub gin. Love the mixture of the illo with the picture, just brilliant.


i think it's great! and bravo to you for trying something new.

my drawings take me a really long time, too. whoever these people are who can just whip things out, i think we should go and poke them with something sharp and pointy.


Great illustration (:


I haven't taken a bath in YEARS!!! (We'll, er, I've SHOWERED, but you knew that). So this bubble bath looks very inviting!

And violetismycolor, it's so wonderful watching you evolve as you tackle the beast (sometimes) that is illustrator!


I love how you put that real photo in the frame in the background, and I love the look of the whole piece. Very nice! I think you may have insprired me to take a bubble bath tonight!


your i-fri rocks!
great creation, patty


I love her expression! I am totally new at this too, and it usually takes me an entire day of time in which I am supposed to be working, to get my mediocre entries done! Yours turned out great!


and...um.. I meant the Eiffel TOWER. sigh. Soap got in my eyes.


er... that was suppose to say "sister"! Scooch over, sister. ack. The second s got carried away on a wayward bubble.


Scooch over, siter! I'm getting in too! I've just spent the last ten mintes thinking about the dreamy possibility of bubblebathing my way around the world. A bubblebath in Eypgt, overlooking the Pyramids, a bubblebath in Paris with the Eiffel Tour out my window with French milled soap and wine, a bubblebath in Scotland... and this is where it gets scary... I just keep associating Scotland with hagis. That's not good. Oh, wait... I'll think about Prince William (hee). And shortbread!


great job! I like her expression!


Ahh, bubble bath. Too bad we don't have a bath tub anymore. I like your illo very much. Lots of beautiful bubbles, that's a good thing!


I like the mixed media approach. Very soothing thought totally conveyed. Great bubbles!


It looks very nice and too ambitious for me!

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