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Thursday, December 09, 2004



oh-I am late with admiring Friday-but this is so cute! great job!


Cute illustration. And you are a very brave women to take 3 babes on a sabbatical.


I know exactly what you mean. I'm grown up and I still need my stuffed animals ;-) Great job!


I really like that little guy! Very cute :-)


Great illustration, reminds me of my little brother. We spent a year in europe when we were 10,8,6 & 4 years old. Benny (the 4 year old) left his Basil Brush cuddly toy in a hotel in Seville and by the time we realised we were almost back in France and my dad wasn't going back for it! Oh, what fun, six people in a car with a distraught 4 year old!


the bunny looks so happy to have someone loving him. The bond a child has with a stuffed animal or blanket is pretty strong. so adorable.


the bunny looks so happy to have someone loving him. The bond a child has with a stuffed animal or blanket is pretty strong. so adorable.


Love your illustration, but am more amazed by your story of taking three kids to Europe. I love that! It inspires me and gives me comfort that I could do that too someday :)

Kelly Gibbons

Same for my son! Great illo.


I love your illustration! Especially the sky and its colors!


I can relate to your kids. My IF submission is a drawing of my own baby blanket!

Very Mom

I love the colors!


Ahhh so cute! I had the same thought this week. Happy Holidays!


I had a blankie and it evolved into a ragged tiny bit of fabric. I used to guard it when my mom washed it, just to make sure she wouldn't throw it away.


hi - i love his eyes... they tell me a story like, "here is my most secure cuddly friend"


arh, that's very cute :)

u l a n

another drawing that i did for security was Boom, my sleeping bear and Hatchoo, my toy puppy. I'm 31 years old btw hahaha.



so cute! :)


Wait a minute, here we are talking about security and the first word in the comments that jumps up at me is Jingles...that is the name of my cuddly old stuffed dog that I've had for over 50 years! LOL He has bells in his ears, thus the name. (Sorry, Jingles...I really do think that's a great screen name ^-^)


Me too! I second what Jingles says. So vivid and sweet!


I love the color and simplicity of this illustration.
It's so vibrant.

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