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Thursday, December 16, 2004



Aw, I love it!


This is wonderful. I love their facial expressions. Just love your stylization.


I admire that you work SO hard on your illustrations - and they always turn out great! And I love your kitty cat names - in our family we've had Sunny, Skittles, Panda, and Gidget, just to name a few.


I love this illustration! I think it might be my favorite one of yours yet! My first adopted pet was a kitty too. Sweeet!

Amanda Woodward

fun times! Illustration Friday should never be about pressure, so take joy your work for what it is at this moment. ok? ok.


I love your cat names--they are very cool. Ours is Kendra Michelle; that's what happens when you let your kids name the cat.


The cat's expressions are priceless :)
Great color and stylization.


they look like a little bad gang of kitties. mean and stuff :) I like it though. The texture is great.


Aww, the cats look so sad, I hope someone adopts them soon! I'd definitely adopt them, they're darn cute!


Oh-I love this! So sweet.


Funny how everyone thinks of cats when you mention the word adoption-your kitties are great!


very nice. I like how you've done the grass :)


We had Chutney first (my hubbie wanted to name him Angus, but I won out...after all he was an orange and white cat and 'Angus' is a black cat name). After that, we decided to stay on the food theme idea. Our dog is named Barley, though that was a compromise, too. John wanted to name him 'Whisky' but I put my foot down on that one!


It does bother me a little that your cats are named after food... but a very expressive picture nonetheless!


I made something for dinner that takes hours to stew, and took that time to work on this illustration. I actually wish I had more time to put extra detail into the background, but I figured that I wasn't going to be able to put more time into it.


You silly girl! Not even three hours after you post of perhaps not making I.FRi. you have this darling little sketch up. I love the expression on the cats' faces. They look like they belong to a mean ole' kitty gang, and if I didn't adopt them there'd be some serious trouble. Love it!

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