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Sunday, December 05, 2004



I like "Reflecting Portland". Very cool.


It kind of reminds me of that glass pyramid in front of the Louvre in Paris. Very dissonant styles.


they're all great photos! that's something that i'm not that good at, photography.


Personally, I'm partial to the one of downtown...only because it was fun to see a familiar neighborhood. (I worked in that tower in the background for a year.) But they're all lovely.


Hi Faith...

The one on this page is south of Portland about 70 miles. There is one on the other page of downtown Portland.

The other photos were all taken up in the Columbia Gorge, which is a federal scenic area, which means it is protected from development. It begins roughly one half-hour east of Portland. It is the basin of the Columbia River, which separates the states of Oregon and Washington. This is part of the Lewis and Clark trail, explored by white men for the first time in roughly 1805...

It is incredibly beautiful and a photographer's dream!


Nice photos, where were they all taken?

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