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Sunday, December 19, 2004



I'm laughing over your post about the kids being home. My husband and I went out to a friend's house for a rare weeknight dinner. When we came home, the Princess had taken over the living room and had two friends over, and Mystery Man had two friends in his incredibly messy room, with a cable strung from my Optimum connection, under my door, across the hall to his room so they could play X-Box. In order to do this, he pretty much trashed my art room.

When is break over??


D - I am so glad that your kiddies are home now -- enjoy the holidays!

And the computer talk sounded yucky -- hope all works out for Bonnie! :)


Nowdays you have to have your computer in its own fortress; it is depressing how many protections you have to have on it. Don't people have anything better to do than malicious code and viruses? (depressing) It must be wonderful to have the whole family together--I will experience that next year when our elder child goes off to college. I anticipate many crying jags.(me, not her)


ooooh very nice.


Sounds like a great time! (Except for the computer problems. Boo.) My brother goes to Willamette (well, just finished up his last term last week). Go Bearcats! I wonder if Adam knows him...his name is Jacob Stout and he ran track and cross country.

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