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Monday, December 06, 2004



i think the mose sexiest man is shahrukh khan

Paige Keiser

oh! i forgot Andy Garcia droooooooooool! ahem, scuse me.

Paige Keiser

i love this topic! you rule!
AL PACINO - oooooooh gooood help me....

"say hello to my little friend"

runners up:
alan rickman
benicio del toro
richard e grant (scarlet pimpernill--a must see, ladies!)
gary oldman

p.s. violet is my color too!


Antonio Banderas.


Oh My God! There's so many men to chose from. I love Daniel Day Lewis. There's so much going on in his eyes. Have you ever seen him in The Unbearable Lightness Of Being? So hot! Johnny Depp is way up there too cause he's beautiful & anti-Hollywood. I kind of have a thing for Harvey Keitel from The Piano only. His obsession with Holly Hunter's character was kind of a turn on. Oh, I could go on & on!!


And Kate...don't you just WISH you were married to Bono...he is so sexy!


I don't find Alan Rickman ugly at all. I think has a wonderful face. And I love his voice, too...


Sorry, I think he's just ugly. And I forgot about all the Maroon 5 guys. I'm really into the drummer but they're all superhot.


Alright, I realize this is odd and maybe sort of creepy considering the man is 20 or so years my senior (and since Tania already claimed Liam Neeson...), I have to put Alan Rickman out there.

It's the voice that does it for me.

I realize he's ugly... but he's sexy ugly.


What the...


Sorry bout the double post.

What I meant to say in the second one was that I forgot about my husband Bono. Yes, that's right, MY husband. Which is why I didn't want to mention him, seeing as you specified "no husbands," but I guess he should count since he is famous.


I was just gushing about Johnny Depp the other day so... Johnny Depp. He's hot for the odd roles he chooses, especially Tim Burton movies, and man, that pirate outfit--who could look better as a drunken mad pirate in eyeliner? He's weird, artsy, sometimes androgeonous, even dirty, but always with a certain rock star appeal. Marches to that different drummer. Love it.

If I could go back in time I'd be all over Robert Smith (the Cure) when he was in his prime--oh, maybe between 1982 and 1987. But I was in grade school back then, gushing over Rob Lowe and unicorns.

Look at how much response your question pulled! Amazing. :)


*jumping into the fray* Forgive me-- I didn't realize the conversation was still going on. Jon Stewart? Love him LOVE him, but alas, Wee is correct--- romantically? He has as much appeal as a brother . . and I'm not from West Virginia. But a best friend? Oh how I would love to have him as a best friend!!


And I'm also really into Jon Stewart, even though he's a little old for me. Funny guys are hot.


Oh, I totally forgot the guy in Havana nights. Wonderful movie, go out and buy it.


Well Hugh Grant's a bit wishy-washy for me, I'd take Colin Firth any time. My problem is I can never remember actor's names so it comes down to this, the dark haired guy who plays lots of dangerous-but-gorgeous men in American movies (maybe he was in Dangerous liasions?) and the gorgeous gay guy who played Julia Robert's best friend in...oh damn it...that film with Cameron Diaz.....

God I'm hopeless!


He is so worthy...


BP and I have discussed the sexiness of the Stewart in the past... and though she adores him endlessly, she's not convinced of his sexiness. I don't think she finds him...uh... sponge-worthy. Me, on the other hand? In a nanosecond!


well, there is someting about liam neeson. yum!! and now with this new movie coming out, my goodness...is it hot in here?? I dont know what it is, he is so plain, and so yummy!


Hey, my daughter thought that Tucker Carlson was sort of sexy, in a nerdy-but-smart kind of way (even though he was a Republican). It started to fade when she saw that he was actually a schmuck. And then when the JON STEWART smackdown happened, she lost all respect and interest. Of course, Jon Stewart is so sexy in that smart-yet-hilariously-funny-and-yet-so-babelicious kind of way... Got to agree with wee on that one! And I happen to know that bluepoppy has an gi-normous crush on him, though she didn't say...


really? Really, REALLY?!! well, gosh!


Wee---- I hope what you have for Anderson Cooper is a bitty thing-- cause, girlfriend, he swings the other way . . . .


I just cannot get excited over most of the celebs today. I suppose George Clooney would be someone who'd turn my head. He is kind of a throwback to another era where male leading men actually looked like grown men and had chest hair, etc. There is also Jeremy Irons who I think ooozes charisma and makes him so sexy. But how 'bout dead guys? I think that William Holden (during the 50's) was just oh so gorgeous.

lady jane

I have to agree with Marilyn, humor is such a big turn on. Therefore I slather upon John Cusack, and I can't help it. And Jon Stewart - oh, please just take me home, honey. Lately Bono is so very sexy to me, in all those Ipod commercials. And that's my current list.


Fun question! I think Jude Law (though he is getting more arrogant and cad-like) and Cillian Murphy are smoldering. So is Christian Bale.

The British boys have it, yes they do!

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