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Monday, January 31, 2005



Waiting is one of my least favorite activities.


Here's a Scottish blog I like very much http://croila.typepad.com she is in Glasgow but has links to lots of other Scottish sites . . worth a post/comment asking for help-- tell Croila I sent you . . . *crossing fingers*


Ugh, what a pain, I am so used to doing everything right away online I would go crazy waiting for email responses! Hopefully something cozy and reasonably priced will come out of it though!


The only hotels I have used in Scotland were in Glasgow or Edingburgh. But I did find the Scottish tourist site very useful with a good B&B section. Can't find the link now sorry. So, you are coming over to our neck of the woods? Any chance of you popping over to Amsterdam for a day? From Glasgo or Edingburg it is very cheap with EasyJet.

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