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Thursday, January 27, 2005



One of my friends had really terrible pain in her abdomen and had her healthy appendix removed (they said that because they were going in for the surgery, if she came out with a scar and still had the appendix, no one would believe her if they really burst). Much later they discovered that she had endometriosis, which is when cells that are typically found within the uterous grow outside of the uterous. She has to go in once in awhile to have these cells burned off which is uncomfortable but better than living with the cells. It might be something your daughter could ask about. Here's a website that explains it better: http://www.endometriosis.org/

I hope she feels better soon.


There are few things worse as a parent than what you are going through. I wish I was closer to Hamilton because I'd gladly go there and hold her hand and push the doctors to do something. Jess had the flu last spring at school and I couldn't go up there (I forget why) and it was just horrible. Is there a dean or office for first year students? When Chris was having some problems first semester, I called them and they handled some parental issues for me. I'm wondering if they couldn't step in and be her advocate with the doctor or hospital or at least look in on her. I'm wracking my brains here for what you can do.


Our phone line's been down so I haven't had access to the internet for a week. Sorry to hear about Bonnie--hope she gets the help she needs (a correct diagnos?) soon.

Your trip to Scotland sounds lovely. And I understand about the stress. Anytime we go anywhere I have to do all the planning. It IS stressful!


Boy, those symptoms sound a lot like appendix. A co-worker recently experienced the exact same thing -- for several days. We all finally INSISTED she go to the emergency room and it took them an amazingly long time to figure out that YUP! Appendix! Duh!


Thanks to everyone who is worrying about Bonnie for me. It helps. It really does...


Oh my gosh, poor Bonnie! That's very scary indeed! I hope that she can get some more tests soon and get everything taken care of. I'm sure it must be very hard on you. You and Bonnie will be in my thoughts today.


Well I'm glad she is feeling better but it is so frustrating that they can't just do the tests now.


Oh no! These are the moments when being far away from your favorite people is the hardest! I hope the pain doesn't return for Bonnie and that they figure out what's what soon!! Take good care!

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