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Monday, January 17, 2005



Oh, I'm so glad your wrist is doing better! I had wanted to comment, and wondered if you knew the comments were closed. Good thing Margaret gave you the heads up...
Hooray for ice being gone and hooray for Bonnie making it out of Portland. I was thinking about you and your family as I watched the news on TV and saw all those poor stranded travelers. Glad everything turned out.


Actually, I thought you'd turned off comments because you didn't want to aggravate your sore wrists by responding to them! :)

Glad the ice is gone. I've lived through ice storms in PDX...lovely to look at...horribly scary to go out in. Glad Bonnie made it off safely.


What a fortunate young man. He will always treasure those memories of what he sees and does abroad. I'm glad that you are improving and have opened up your comments! I didn't know that we could close them either.


Glad you are all safe and sound-- nasty ice storms--- ugh-o-rama

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