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Wednesday, January 19, 2005



The new banner is beautiful! This zodiac thing is a neat idea. Spring flowers are great but you may have "spring" flowers a little bit early this year with the weird weather.


Oh! Aquarius! That's me! And to top it all off I had curly blond hair when I was a kid (and, oddly enough, a red swimsuit). Love the banner...will be a happy little clam every time I see it for the next month.

And isn't this weather crazy? I'm loving the 66 degrees, and finding all sorts of little blooms around my house.


VIOLET! oooooo! Your banner is utterly divine! I love the monster in the pool! too, too cool!


They are beautiful, but confused. I will not be surprised to see all the spring flowers blooming soon in our balmy 67 degrees!


Chris is freezing up in Troy, also, and he forgot his gloves, hat, and the scarf I knitted, along with his alarm clock and he can't "find" his winter coat. Oh, and he took his car up there and the battery died the first day.

don'cha love long distance (esp for you!) mothering?

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