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Tuesday, January 11, 2005



The minute I get home I get into my cuddly dreesing gown, pop on my silly slipper socks and sit down with my laptop and a bar of organic chocolate, and before I know it I'm in heaven!
Love the new banner.

Take care,


That sounds so wonderful. How cozy and relaxing. Thanks my dear for posting a word of empathy on my site yesterday. I appreciate it. I think I'm coming out of the funk today but every once in awhile it gets you down.


i think it was in the boston globe this morn i just read about employers googling potential employees now (kind of a pre-screening i guess)...enjoy reading your posts -- did you say your son's at st andrews in scotland? my cousin goes there (probably in his last yr by now)...the scottish wool made me think of his mom who mentioned scottish wool sweaters to me yest...


I had to check in and take a peek at your illo! Now that one really gets to the point! And so it should be in this situation. Also it was a nice surprise to see that IF is giving away prints to those that donated. I'll have to forward my confirmation pronto.

The google post was a little disturbing...I wonder if it applies also to other blog forums? Yikes, the kind of stuff that weirdos look up, SCARY!

In regards to this post, no, it doesn't get any better than that!


I still have to read #5. Since I borrowed the books from friends or the library (except #3, which I bought for some reason) I didn't quite read them in order. And missed reading #5 & #6. Must get around to that.
And thanks, by the way, for the sleeping advice. That's exactly what we're doing, and it's nice to know that it works. We're on night #2 and keeping our fingers crossed...


That sounds very comfy and relaxing. I had papers to grade tonight, so I didn't have time to visit many blogs. I am grumpy when I don't get around as much as I want to!

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