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Thursday, January 13, 2005



Great illo!


hey, what do you mean, money can´t buy love?
in that case i just adapt to everyone else´s decision.


Fun illo! It's love all the way for me, darling!


Very cute illustration -- love the hearts and gradiation.

And I like the way your scale tips! :) Mine tips the same way!


Great concept, great illustration!


the love wins but money doesn't hurt ;) cute illustration :)


What a nice idea. I choose love! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


No doubt about it. I prefer love... and I actually rearranged my whole life to be true to just that. We did great and I have a wonderful family now. Even money isn't an issue, but that's partly because of the love, I'm sure ;-)

I like your interpretation of "balance" :-)


this is impressive - a transcedent balance
great job :)


Great illustration, great thought. Also,thanks for your comment.


awesome idea!


awesome idea!


I wanted to draw a scale - and do something similar to yours...but....didnt know quite how to draw a scale!! :( yours is great!


For me it's love, of corse! :) Cute illustration!


Definitely love (with food being second), and then moola. What makes it even more special is that your illo for love looks like a basket of those little valentine candies with sweet sentiments on them. I confess, I am addicted to sweets. :-D

I had to acquaint myself with Lago Orta and look it up on the map! I agree with what you said...being in a fab place and not having anyone to share it with is so true!

I live in Lecco, which doesn't look too far from Lago Orta. Thanks for mentioning it...my husband says that the town of Arona is pretty. Will have to check that area out!

Karen Winters

great concept and execution


clever one, I like it a lot. hmmm, love for me, i think!


Wait.. chocolate isn't an option? ;o)


Great idea! I think I chose love over money like this picture depicts :)

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