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Monday, January 10, 2005



I know it's not funny, but really, you have to laugh. Gives me the creeps to think of what some people are doing with their laptops.....

Leslie (Rubber-Sol)

How funny...and disturbing at the same time. I've oftentimes checked the stats to find strange queries as well.

And I was pleased to read about the definition of "olliebollen" -- it also happens to be the name of a very cute children's clothing store...check 'em out. olliebollen.com!


Oh nevermind! It just won't print to your comments and I'm going to quit junking up your comments with my mess!



Aw nuts. The no-robot script I "thought" I'd shared with you yesterday, didn't copy to your comments, I think because it's set off in brackets. Let me try this...just delete the quotes. Sorry about that.



That 'sexist man on earth' search is funny, but strange. On my old blog I got google hits all the time. But since I started a new blog then my site doesn't pop up on google searches as much (in fact, only one so far, and it was for my blog title). Someone tried to explain to me once how google sorts their searches, but I still didn't get it. Either way, I'll know to be safe about what words I type out.


I didn't even realize that people could get to us with google. I will need to be more careful also. Thanks for the heads up!


I'm like BP...totally oblivious to all this stuff. Which is probably best, because I think it would creep me out to be seeing the searches you're seeing show up. Hope you find a good fix.


Here's a no-robot script I need to put up myself. I've done the same search on my stats and it's so strange what ends up at my site.

Maybe this will work for you.


Since I have a homemade blog-- I don't have any of these fancy things RSS, trackback, site stats, google etc--- I have no idea if anyone comes through unless they leave a comment-- and I think that is best. A few weeks ago I got a sick/weird email to bluepoppy email from a guy with a tooth fetish cause of one of my posts . . EEEEEw. Yeeky. But other than that? Ignorance is bliss.


You might ask for advice about this in the I-Fri forum where there are lots of brillant, technically-inclined wonder people!


With a user name like "Wee", you can almost imagine the google hits I used to get. Eventually I got so wigged out that I inserted a "no robots/no follow" html tag into my template and now my diary can no longer be googled. You might look into doing the same thing. I'm not sure how Typepad works, but there must be a similar tag that can be inserted. Good luck.

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