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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Paige Keiser

Sooooo glad to hear Bonnie is better! I can empathize with the frustration and fear of not knowing what's wrong.



You know, I've wanted to see this movie but now that I know about the violent stuff, I'm not so sure if I can sit through it. It might hurt my heart, so to speak.

Glad to hear Bonnie is feeling better but bummer for Adam.


Hmm, hard to tell from these reviews whether I should make a point of seeing this or not. i surely don't like violence . . .


Yes, that would explain why Ashley was so disturbed by it. She doesn't like violence at all.


I did see 'Amelie' and loved it...

This movie had a little too much in-your-face-violence-of-war for me. And it really upset John. Ever since the Iraq War started, he has been much more sensitive on the subject. His Vietnam experience now feels closer than it ever has, apparently. Had I known that there was this much graphic violence, I wouldn't have seen it.

I did like the love story; it was well done. But it seemed overshadowed, at times, by the other.


Our older girl loved the movie, although she said it was quite depressing. We both love Audrey Tatou--have you seen Amelie?

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