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Monday, January 24, 2005



Oh, I can not wait to see your photos from this trip!

If I lived close I would dog sit for you!!


It's difficult to go on trips and leave pets. Your barista sounds wonderful; what serendipity that she just happens to want to help you solve that problem. My paternal grandfather came to the US from Scotland so I would love to visit there. I've only been to England.


I have two dogs and I know what you mean about taking extended trips. One would be fine in the kennel but the other would die of his own neurosis or a broken heart. Glad you found someone.


LOVE the new banner--- perhaps cause I'm an Aquarius and WAIT *skids to a halt* why don't I just say "ditto" to everything leslie already said? Cause she said everything I wanted to: including how JEALOUS I am of your trip to Scotland-- you better post lots of photos here!!


This is fantastic to hear that you are going to Scotland! I'll be looking forward to posts about your upcoming trip...it's always something memorable that someone says which makes wanting to visit a new place even more exciting.


the joys of travel...I am so jealous cuz you are going to Scotland, the land of my ancestors....!!!

and i just love your new banner.....well, partly cuz i'm an aquarian... it is so wistful....

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