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Monday, January 03, 2005



Butter! Olliebollen here are cooked in pure fat, oil! get a bad one and it is a horrible experience but a good one..........hmmmmmm. Who'd have thought a lump of dough fried in fat could be so delicious?


violet - lemony snicket is like crack.
Enjoy enjoy enjoy, when I went through my craze I would read one in a sitting.


Good for John! It is so nice to hear a new years success story! Safe and happy travels to Adam!


bluepoppy...these are deep-fried, artery-clogging bits of deliciousness...none of that baking crap for the Dutch, though when we do that, it is all about using lots and lots of butter...


{oops i mentioned biccies because i used to eat a lot of them}


WOW (to the losing weight). i'm convinced biscuits are evil. fruits are the way forward.


Apple beignets? Oooooooh. That sounds so good. Especially hot from the stove/oven. Congrats to the hubster-- I am so impressed 50lbs! That is focus and dedication. So glad your power outage didn't hurt your computers---- best of luck with the transition back to post-holiday life without Adam in the house---- I hope you can focus on all the good and not his absence-- happy new year!

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