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Monday, February 21, 2005



I'm a libra and I'm dying to see what "my" postcard looks like. Do you have it online anywhere??


Love your banner. Next time, why don't you try Googles "Langugage Tool"?



One more thing to add from the translator (coworker)

"Besinnlich is not quite contemplative. There is not quite a right English word. It is contemplative but with a strong romantic, sensual connotation".


Here is the translation - a German co-worker did it for me - he said "Where on earth did you pick that up. It is pretty good. I will translate but I guess the German is already not quite correct but I will see what I can do - probably typos."

people of the star sign pisces, you, rich in love
devoted, contemplative, tender
in the realm of art and music
you are versed, may fortune
henceforth and for all times
accompany you on your path


Ooooh this is so wunderbar!!! I love it, I am a Pisces :-D Thank you so so much!!

tine :-D
PS: If you need help for the german to translate it into english...piece a cake for me, just drop me a line!!
I was offline for a couple of days because our connection was down and am finally back onloine now :-)


Your banners are always so cute! I love those vintage postcards.


It is beyond my German, but I have a friend (German teacher) who could translate it for you. Let me know.


I'm a pisces! I can't help you out with the translaton but would be most interested in knowing what it said.

Thanks for you kind thoughts on my blog about my mom. You're a sweet one:)

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