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Tuesday, February 08, 2005



its awful news - and barley looks sooo beautiful. you wish you could ask her what she wants..


i am sorry i have not been able to read blogs and have not written i was sick last week
i hope you are okay sending good thoughts from bethesda, the place of healing waters...
give barley the gift of your time and
writing with best thoughts and take it easy

Green-Eyed Lady

Hi Violet,
This is my first time seeing your blog. (I love purple, too. :). I came here via a path from other links through "Illo Fri." I enjoy seeing your talents here!

I was reading and saw the info about your dog. I wish the news was different! I'm an artist, too, and ironically, I posted a portrait of my (now departed) dog, about a wk ago. (She's under "Play Me".)

I've been surfing from site to site, sampling delightful artwork from the "Illo Fri" participants. I hope to give it a shot, when my work schedule lessens. Meanwhile, I hope your dog is not in pain. Keep up that fantastic artwork.
A new artist blogger here,
Green-Eyed Lady


I'm so sorry Violet. This is hard but you'll get through it. Stay strong in knowing that people care. xoxo


I'm so sorry Violet. This is hard but you'll get through it. Stay strong in knowing that people care. xoxo


I'm so sorry about Barley. It's so tough to have a long loved pet sick. My sister just lost her cat of 16 years and she is taking it very hard. I know you'll find the right thing to do for Barley.

Karen Winters

I'm terribly sorry to hear this. I hope you'll have many good hours together enjoying each other's company while he is still pain free. And take lots of pictures.


I do love all animals.. and that is a terrible news..it made me very sad:( ...........take care.


i'm so sorry! losing a pet, or any part of a pet is just terrible. i hope that everything works out for you. he sounds like he is really, really good care!


That's just terrible; I'm so sorry. I think you have thought it through very carefully and know that you will do what's best for Bailey.


oh Violet--- I am so sorry. This is so difficult and sad. I am sending you healing energies. We had our first two dogs until they were 17 and 18. Still, it was so hard to make the decision to put them down--- but it came down to their quality of life and the chronic pain they were in from age. I can tell you as sad as it was, when I saw Jack released from the pain, he was so at peace and I knew it was the right thing . . . sending you lots of love . .


Oh no, Violet, that is sooo awful. I am so sorry to hear about Barley. I almost feel guilty somehow with our new puppy Maya of 8 weeks old jumping happily around and keeping us on our toes with being such a joy.
As you said Barley had a good life with you guys and that is the best thing any animal can wish for.
I am sending you and your son a huge big Barley-dog-hug wishing you lots of strength for the weeks to come. I wish I could help more. Drop me a line if there is anything I can do to help you.



Oh I am so sorry to hear this news. My heart goes out to all of you and especially poor Ross. I'm like him in the sense that I am the one who connects the most with our dogs. This is bringing shades of things to come for us as Basie is 12 and getting slower. He is in good health but is old for his size and I know that soon we will be faced with a similar dilemma. But how wonderful that you've had a great sweet dog for all this time.


Oh my, I am so sad for you. I can't beleive how attached you get to your pet in a short time! Hang in there


O Violet. I'm so desperately sorry to hear that. Struck nearly speechless with sorrow for you and your family. No one knows how dearly you can love a doggie than me. I'm just so, so sorry. Thinking of you and sending my most comforting thoughts to you, your family and your dear little Barley...


:-( ....I am disheartened to hear about Barley, and perhaps it is for similiar reasons that I am not really 'pushing' to find my Westie. Just the thought of having to part with a pet when it's time....when I read the part about losing your cat, I caught my breath because it reminded me of my sister's first cat that we eventually had to put to sleep because she too, had kitty-AIDS. It was a very blue period for both of us since we had that cat from since we were little girls and then having to deal with the pain when we were grown adults. Take care...


Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about Barley. That really makes me sad sad sad. I hope the answer to this very difficult question comes to you soon. Take good care of all of you. Casey sends poochie smoochies to Barley.


So sorry to hear about Barley...it is so hard when a beloved animal becomes ill. You and your family and of course Barley are in my thoughts...I am sure you will do what you know is best for all....


Oh, I am so sorry to hear this news. It's quite amazing how attached we become to our pets, and I know just how Ross is feeling. Our family dog was hit by a car last spring, and she was 13 years old. It was very hard on all of us.
Also, I wanted to thank you for all your kind comments over the past week. I always appreciate all your wonderful comments. You are so thoughtful!

laura r.

I stumbled here, read your post and want to extend some support...our furry friends are so very special. It is so difficult when a disease process strikes. The best you can do is controll the pain, make him feel loved and comfortable. Chances are he will communicate to you his needs. I think letting go is the hardest. I have always been a huge advocate for quality over quantity. Any time with a pet is precious. May you both have peace.

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