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Wednesday, February 09, 2005



Sorry, I am so late checking illustrations fridays illos -- I love yours, so sweet and thoughtful.


I had not even heard the word "cockerel" before. Kinda like it. I was worried about using white, red, and black but I'm glad I did. Love your illo!


wow-- you really nailed this one! Terrific illustration AND I love the cockerel-- so much more imagination . .


This is so touching--the look on this child's face as he holds his baby rooster. I'm so sorry about Barley--(((HUGS)))


Thanks for stopping by! I am a BIG fan of red (though you couldn't tell from my pink sites). Wonderful concept! Lovely background, how did you do that?


This is simply so beautiful! I love the faces.

I am so sorry to hear about Barley. Many thoughts are with you all!


Oh! This is too cool! I love it!


Oh my gosh! So cute! So cute! :)

Love the swirls in the background!

Gina Ritter

This is really adorable! I'm envious of your style.


Oh this is beautiful.


This is just beautiful :-)

I love the red, black and white...


I'm so very sorry about Barley, my thoughts and prayers go out for him.

Your illo is charming and I like especially the funky background!


I love the colors. Really great.

And I'm so sorry about your dog.


I'm so sorry about Barley! And Ross, too. He must have been quite young when you got Barley.

I like this illustration, too! Very nice.


The tradition red, white and black colour scheme works really well, great illustration.


This is great. It has a wonderful feel to it.


Lovely illustration! Especially the little rooster...so sweet!


I think this is one of your best illos yet! I love the colors, and the technique you used to swirl the background colors. It's really beautiful and sweet.


So sweet! I love the wee little cockrel! Also, so immensely sorry to hear about your poor doggie! I don't have children yet, so my cats are truly my babies, and I can't imagine how hard it would be to go through something like this with them...*hugs*


I love it, the colors are wondeful!


I love your illo!! Me too, I have the same problem coming up with something...I trashed several ideas and still don't know if I can do it.


So lovely!


I love this, very nice indeedy.


This is very, very nice, It may be my favorite yet. I am looking forward to our two meets in Portland this year. On Feb. 19th we'll be staying at the Marriott,which is very close to the MAC. (Multnomah Athletic club) What is fun to do down there if we have any non-gym time?


really lovely...a very tenderhearted expression...must be how you're feeling about your poor barley...i'm so sorry. losing a pet can often be like losing a family member. i still remember each and every one of them fondly. much love to you and your family, give puppy a kiss from me.

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