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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Miyuki F.

Thanks for commenting on my LJ.

I don't think you need to apologize in any way for your illustration this week. It's a pretty butterfly and I like it!


Very pretty! I like the word flutter bys too...

Margaret at Stargazer sent me!


have you ever heard the story that they were originally called "flutter-bys" (it does make sense !) but some child mis-pronounced it as "butter-fly"
and so it's been known by it's "nickname" ever since ! Your's is a very graceful "flutter-by" !

(and thanks for your comment on my illo !)


stay true to what you like. i like butterflies too!


stay true to what you like. i like butterflies too!


Ahhh...lovely, just lovely!!


Simple and lovely.


So elegant! I like it a lot.


i don't think this is unimaginative in the slightest. i think it's lovely!


I see peace in there ..quiet , smooth, simple and beautiful..love it!


I love watching butterflies too - they're so graceful.
I like your brightly colored one, very pretty!
Thanks for stopping by!


Simplicity always says it nicely...I'm passing on this week....I spend more time just looking at all the illustrations!!


but what a pretty butterfly it is!


What a beautiful butterfly. I love them too - especially a little yellow one who loves my spices in the garden. I don't know what it's called in english but in danish it's a "Lemon Butterfly" :-)


First ideas always seem to be the best. I like the simplicity and the composition.


I adore the colors! I just made reservations to come down your way again for the Rose City Challenge in Beaverton. We are staying at another Marriott in Lake Oswego. Do you know it? We are trying to figure out the MAX. I put the addresses of the Marriott and the MAC into the trip planner and it gave me directions about what to do, but then when I went to check it out on the Blue Line Schedule, it doesn't list the MAC stop (King's Street/SW Salmon) I am thinking we will just ask the hotel for help. I am Mrs. Overcontrol and I just need to settle down. It will all work out fine!


Very pretty! Soothing to view!


Oh, won't spring come soon? ;)

Love the gradient on this one -- and the colors of course!


I love butterflies and their meaning, "angels on earth". Lovely!


As always, love it.


i too find butterflies beautiful. mesmerizing i could watch them for hours


I love it! Very cute! I'm a gemini and i think that the symbol for gemini should be the butterfly!

Love violette
p.s. my entry will be in tomorrow i think :)


This is a lovely calm picture.


Oh, Violet! I love the simplicity of this. Nice combination of colors.



Wonderful, marvelous!

once i had a butterfly follow me in deep creek, md
what a great day that was


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