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Monday, February 28, 2005



Never plan on paying bills and balancing the checkbook on the same day you're going to clean the house - recipe for depression and disaster! So sorry you had a rotten day.


Many of my days are like that Diane. Sometimes, like with our coffee date, I just had to dig in my heels and say I AM DOING THIS--so entertain yourselves for a while. We will be in Beaverton this weekend but not for long. Friday night, early Saturday morning meet and home right after that. I sure hope we do the MAC open again next year; I loved Portland and want to come back. (and Alison had a fabulous meet)


oh yes, isn't that always the way? *sigh*


Oh boy...sounds like a hell of a day you had. :-( Not. Nice.
I hate when that happens and all you want to do is your thing and then you have to do what is expected of you (how could you have said 'No' to you MIL, that's not what one does) and you have to still be in good spirits about it (worst part of it all).
I have a lot of these days on my dayjob in the retail store I work...customer service is all I say. It is damn tough.
But when you have finally put it all behind you and it's all quiet again, you take a deep breathe and can't help it but smile wondering what the heck that was all about and you are grateful that it is all over.
Best of all: You can be very proud of yourself, because you did all those things you didn't really want to do in the first place, and you did damn well. Oh yeah.

Sparkly hugs to you!!


oh i can completely understand "one of those days" i just wish that friday or tuesday or monday woudl come out right away and say, "no. this day will not be productive, things will go all haywire." so i could just know right away and brace myself for getting nothign on my list done!

it will get better, trust me! i always have a day that seems to make up for those icky nothing days~it's like all that energy gets stored up and bursts out or something...

so here's wishing for a better day for you!


Sounds like it's been a rough Monday for a lot of us. I hate the Monday going back to work after a vacation! Yuk! And now it's time to prepare for Tuesday...

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