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Wednesday, February 23, 2005



I am glad someone is noticing NW weather for the last three years has been totally off it's usual mark. I mention it all the time, and get whimsical looks from everyone. I think we should be worried!


Enjoy it!
30 F and snowing here in MD
kids off school & roads a mess,
boots and mittens everywhere

Oregon is beautiful you lucky kid!!


I remember when there were rumors that a major earthquake would hit Southern California, tipping it into the ocean. If this rain keeps up, it may just slide in.... I do hope the weather improves soon!
I know many people in the PNW are loving the sunny and warm weather....including my family up in Western Washington... but aren't you going to be in trouble this summer when there is no snow melt?


Whatever Bush wants to believe has to be reality, right? What a crock! We are in this together, Diane--we are supposed to have a week of 60ish weather and this summer, we will have NO water. We haven't had any rain and certainly don't have a snow pack to melt in the mountains. I'm wondering if I should bother to fertilize our lawn, or just let it die.


I know it! Can you believe this? My neighbor's tulips are blooming, and today at WOU I saw daffodils in full bloom.

I think February was kidnapped and we've found ourselves half way through March.


I am sooo jealous (well, I am not happy about the global warming thing, but I miss the sun) - we are getting snow all day tomorrow here in Maryland - snow here stinks, never stays, never enough (and too much development) to be pretty and awful drivers!


I am currently seeking passage on the ark....A bit of sun popped out this morning in So.Cal. but then tucked its head under a cloud. Rain is on again. The husband and I had the global warming conversation last week. We have the same question of George.

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