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Sunday, February 06, 2005



O poor doggity! poor, poor Barley Dog! My heart goes out to him. My Finnegan jane has also been suffering a bit... had a little growth cut off her side on Friday. Just a local freezing and a few quick stitches and an embarrassing shaved patch... but still! Poor babies. Speedy recoveries all around!


Oh poor pup! I hope he recovers swiftly!

I have not played capture the flag in years, I used to love it!!


What a big time you must have had! We joke about the hormones but I think it is wonderful that your relationship with your son is such, that he would feel comfortable inviting all his friends. Not many parents of teenage boys can say that.

What a sad face on Barley!


Poor doggie and poor you with all those hormones in the house!


Oh me oh my! You must have to buy A LOT of pizza! My three year old son eats a TON -- I can't imagine what he'll be like in 14 years! :)

And your illo below is just darling.

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