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Saturday, February 19, 2005



What a lovely photo! Makes me want spring to come even more! :)


What a lovely, lovely photo! And how neat that you got to meet up with a fellow blogger! Sweet!

As for the weather, we are getting snow. Which is a good thing because it'll help to clear the air. As there has been neither rain or strong winds to carry away the pollution, much of Italy's main cities have imposed traffic blocks during the weekend. Not that it would really help I think, but atleast they are making some show of effort to curb air pollution.

I am going to check out that World Photo Day website! How cool is that? It also happens to be my birthday!


I had a fabulous time too, Diane. Portland was incredible and we all had a wonderful time. The girls did make it to finals, so it was lucky that we had the hotel room. I really liked the location of the hotel too--so close to the light rail and Pioneer Park. Alison told us in the car on the way home what a great weekend it was and how fun. (lots of special memories) She placed 1st on bars, 2nd on floor, 4th on vault and 9th on beam.(fell off and still got an 8.95) Overall, she was third out of 16 girls--not bad. I'm so glad that we got to meet!


I love the colours you've captured here, winter brings perpetual grey-ness here in the UK!
I'd love to see The Gates what a great trip for Bonnie. All reactions make us think, whether she loves it or hates it, it'll br so interesting.


O! Loveliest photo! I just want to nest in the crook of that tree forever! Am so so so tired of the winter landscape! I love your little pieces topper too! Too adorable! And whatdya think of Sideways?!!! I loved it!


I wish I could go to NY and see The Gates. I'm with you - it looks very warm set against the bare trees. Please share what Bonnie has to say about it.

Yes we are getting drenched in So.Cal! Complete with thunder and ligtening which is a rare thing for us.

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