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Monday, February 14, 2005



What a lovely weekend! That Spruce Goose exhibit IS interesting...haven't been out there in awhile, so I'm thinking I should go check it out again.
Oh, and I figured out that I have been posting the wrong email. Thanks for alerting my attention to that!


What a sweet date! Would love to see your photos! And I like how a game of pool capped off the evening! :)

(As Arlene said, the Spruce Goose used to be out thisaway....but I never got to see it!).


That sounds perfect! What a great weekend----


How LOVEly! Happy {belated} Valentine's Day!


Ohh, can't wait to see photos!


It sounds wonderful, Diane. We went out to dinner yesterday at Olive Garden and today I got roses and a card. That's a lot for my not-so-romantic husband.


Happy Valentine's Diane!!
It sounds like you had a fantastic and very romantic Valentine's! Wow!! :-D
I am so happy for you :-)


I never had the chance to see the Spruce Goose before it left Long Beach but my husband says it is amazing (he is a LBch native). He is a history buff as well, so you and John should hop on over for some coffee, history and politcal chat:)


Happy Valentine's to you too! Hope all the family members (doggie and human) are doing well.

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