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Tuesday, March 22, 2005



Have a wonderful trip... take great care of yourself!:)


Looking forward to your return! I'm missing you! I'll bet you are having a great time.

I wanted to let you know that I've had to change my URL due to some unwanted lurkers at my site. My new address is http://agategal.typepad.com/kingfisher_cove/
I apologize for the inconvience.~~T.


Have an absolutely fabulous trip! You shall be missed!

Take good care,


Bon voyage!


I FINALLY get time to check my regular blogs and you're gone!! Have great trip.


Have a wonderful trip! May traveling angels keep you safe!


Bon voyage and I want lots of posted photos and stories of your adventures!


Have a fantastic trip Diane!!! I wish you sparkly good weather and lots of sunshine!! Take it all in like a sponge :-) And show us some nice pics when you get back...so curious :-D


PS: Will miss you...


Yay! Have a wonderful time! I'll be looking so forward to seeing photos from your travels!


Ohh, a high res when you get back would be great... but more importantly... SAFE TRAVELS! Hope to hear from you while you are there, but with traveling you never can know if you will be able to post!

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