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Tuesday, March 15, 2005



That's grand you visited Vivace! I'm definitely ready to go back to try the rest of the crepes. Maybe all at once! Ha!

I hope that Bonnie gets lots of rest this week and starts feeling better. I'm sure she will appreciate all the loving attention from you.


i'm in a similar boat and have a history of bronchitis coupled with pneumonia (my son, too, as well as mono at the ripe old age of 7!) -- i think the pneumonia part is what causes that horrible fatigue (been there, not fun), chest x-ray the only way i remember them discovering my pneumonia...get better, bonnie, it sucks being sick esp on vaca!


Yes, it is definitely going around and lasts a long time. Alison is coughing right now as well. Some of my students have had bronchitis for weeks.


You are such a wonderful mom!

This cough thing really lingers. People at work have been coughing since January. And my husband is coughing as I'm typing this. It's been going on for almost a month.

I'm really really tired of listening to coughing! Which means I'm probably going to hell for saying that because I'm sure DOING the coughing is much worse. But ARGH! Enough already!

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