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Wednesday, March 09, 2005



Funny you should mention Hayhouse Radio. I was reading my copy of Natural Home the other night and there was a full page add about a Hayhouse event that featured Mr. Dyer. I had never heard of Hayhouse and thought I should look into it. And you've done my research for me. Many thanks!


wow... sounds like fun, hope someone had an appletini as those are such a treat :)


I used to love the view at Atwater's...and I'll bet it WAS amazing to see Mt. St. Helens still doing her thing. It freaked me out a bit to read about HayHouseRadio here...since I just found out about it this morning. In fact, I think Sylvia Browne should be coming on right about NOW... :)


That is so sweet how you have a coffee group and go out to lunch! I also love how you described Mt St Helen's "belching steam bits"!


I remember about the coffee group and the restaurant sounds fabulous. If we have another meet in Portland sometime, I will try to get there.

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