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Friday, March 11, 2005



oh wow! This is a very fun interpretation of the theme!! Love it!
Love, Violette


Conceptually and artistically fantabulous!


I love it! This is just so perfect and I always love your style.


Yes! Very nice! I've just got to learn Illustrator. It's just always seemed so intimidating. ~ My gosh, 40 grandchildren! 40! That blows my mind (athough I am aware of how many siblings you have!) My parents have a grand total of TWO grandchildren!


I, too, love the sun and moon duality. I had never heard the bit about the birds not yet in flight. The poetry of that appeals to me very much. Great job! :0)


very very very nice illo..what a bright color and lovely texture ! I love it..


FOURTY GRANDKIDS? ouch...put your parents in the poorhouse or what, eh?! how on earth do they remember all their names?! cool illo, love the symbolism


Beautiful! Welcome home to Bonnie and yikes is right on Baby 6. Hope your nephew is OK.


Cute illo. Bet you'll be glad to have Bonnie home. Thanks for the heads up re my comments...I think Blogger's just acting up. I posted about the wonky comments...and the post isn't even showing up on the blog. Oh well, it'll correct itself at some point... :)


Very nice illustration! I like the graphic feel of it.


Nice illustration. I like the little details.




Oh I love it. It reminds me of the sun soon to come wrestle with winter... I can't wait :-)

Have a nice weekend... and baby #6 you said... wow...


I really like old engravings of the sun and moon, your interpretation is really nice, like how you're made the face in the middle into two profiles, never seen that before.


This is nice. .reminds me of the tattoo on my lower back! lolol ; )


I like how it is a simple 2-color. It conveys the idea better than a bright, multi-color painting would have. Well done.


I like how it is a simple 2-color. It conveys the idea better than a bright, multi-color painting would have. Well done.


I had the same idea at one point - what's more ancient to us than the sun (and moon). Good interpretation/concept.



Love it! I love the mosaic feel to it!

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