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Thursday, March 17, 2005



This is a beautiful illustration for fragile, have a great holiday.


Oh my goodness, Diane! This really turned out well. The lady bug is so delicate and so....so fragile. I LOVE how it's part of the photograph. This would make a lovely greeting card!


How incredible, Diane! I love it. Where I live we have a Daffodil Festival and Parade and Daffodil princesses, so it is a flower dear to my heart. Bon voyage! Have a wonderful time on your travels.


I love watching your progress. Beautiful illustration.


With snow, snow, snow still EVERYWHERE, your beautiful picture is making me think spring, spring spring!!


This is lovely. You know, you should just repost this one for next week's IF topic, "bloom"!


Very cool, Diane!! So Springy/Eastery :-) Ladybugs are so cute. Can't wait to see the first one this year in our backyard :-D


Wow! This is beautiful....looks like a real ladybug to me!

Love, violette


awww, I'm a sucker for ladybugs!
Love the contrast of a photo with an illustration.


Wow, that is wonderul! I love


ooh, i be soooooooo jealous! take me with you! i love the style you did the ladybug in...really suits the photo. so pretty and fresh-looking!


Wow - the ladybug has a cool reflective shine on its wings. Great combo. Have fun in Scotland!


the ladybug really turned out great. It looks as if it's seeking for shelter under the daffodils petal. I like the combination.


I really like this. It makes me feel like maybe Spring will come soon after all. Have fun in Europe!

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