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Tuesday, March 01, 2005



I hope Bonnie went to the health clinic and is feeling better. Jessica will never go to hers as she says they don't do anything for you. She called me last night in tears because she's had a stomach ache after she eats every day, she claims, since she went back to school. Then the boy child called and I could tell by his voice that he had a very heavy cold. He's going to the health clinic tomorrow if he doesn't feel better. I spent most of Saturday night doctoring them on the phone!

kim c

You are a very calm mother, it does make me pensive to know I will be sending my son off too soon. Where does you son live in Scotland?


What a good mom you are. It may have sounded simple to you but there is just nothing like having your mom walk you through stuff when you're too sick to deal with it on your own. So glad today was better for you and that the weather is holding up there. We're still clouding in LA but no rain this week - yet!


I'm in a similar boat -- we'll maybe a boat floating parallel to yours! My girl is starting kindergarden in the fall....yikes!

Poor Bonnie. Hope she gets better soon! So hard to be sick and away from home (and mom)!


This is what I get to look forward to, Diane? I am worried reading about your precious Bonnie--what about when my Ashley is gone to college next year? You will have to give me some strategies to deal with it. Keep busy??

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