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Sunday, March 20, 2005



Happy 22nd Anniversary! That is just wonderful. I love to hear it when couples reach these kind of milestones. Sorry you had to sit near the gov. all the while having to keep silent. So hard, I'm sure. But at least you had a nice time otherwise-:)


The bannner is great....it fits my Aries sister to a T!

22 years...congratulations! Your deep feelings for your hubby come right thru the screen ^-^ I am definitely looking forward to reports of your travels....I am green with envy.

One thing I miss in Japan is a good breakfast place.... I am tempted to make my sisters drive me down to Portland when I'm in Monroe in May!!!


I love the banner also and the fact that you are an activist and support education is very DEAR to my heart. Thank you from the depths of this teacher's soul, Diane! The restaurant sounds yummy; I am ready to come back to Portland. We had such a great time and Alison had one of her best meets of the season.


Yum! Now I'm hungry for the Original Pancake House. So, which one is the Original?
And congratulations on 22 years! That's so amazing, and your kids are lucky lucky to have you as parents.
That dinner sounds like quite the affair. I think you and I would have a lot to talk about when it comes to Kulongoski and education :)

Love the new banner!

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