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Monday, March 07, 2005



I love that photo! It totally captures the moment.
Driver's permit, shaving...no matter how old they get, it's so amazing to see kids reach milestones, isn't it?


My boyfriend would be very jealous. He gets his five o'clock shadow by about a quarter past eleven.


That shot is wonderful, Violet!

And, I'm curious to know what my son will be like when he's older. My dad and brother can go weeks without shaving, but my husband, on the other hand, needs to shave every hour (it seems!). :)


Your boys look a bit like my husband and for the longest time (until he was about 32) he could get away with shaving about twice a week. Now suddenly hairy, he has to shave every day and i never hear the end of it. O, the moaning, the complaining... :^) good thing he's not a woman, having to apply make up daily and perform all manner of beauty ritual!


THAT sounds like a genetic inheritance I would like--- nice smooth skin, naturally! Your boy is growing up . . .


I would love that trait too, Diane. My Italian heritage has given me dark hair and a need to shave my legs every day or be quite hirsute.

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