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Tuesday, April 19, 2005



I use MT, which is also what Typepad uses. (Typepad is the "we-set-it-up-for-you" version of MT. Its easy to use but when you do want to get complicated it can also be quite powerful and has a great support and development infrastructure. And still free for non-profit users like us with a great forum full of tips and advice.


It WAS a beautiful day in Portland on Tuesday. We were there...planning to head home on Tuesday, but stayed another day...so glad we did so we could see Portland in some glorious sunshine. (And the city DID look glorious.)


I hear good things about Wordpress. It seems similar to Movable Type, which is what I use. MT and Typepad are owned by the same people, I believe.

Barbara W. Klaser

Glad you're feeling better. I'm a WordPress user, and I like it a lot, but since I've never used Typepad, I don't know how the two compare.


Je regrette; je ne sais pas. I don't know what nasty Parisian bug bit you! I also have no clue about any other blogging software; since blogging is so popular now, there's probably a lot available.


Sorry I can't help you with advice on blogging software as I am also a Typepad user, but I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Must be the sunshine...it certainly can make a difference! (especially in the PNW...oops, I can hear my mother, rest her soul, even now...."it doesn't always rain here!")

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