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Thursday, April 28, 2005



I should take that quiz too. I'm also 100% sure that I would end up as a Unitarian. My family also has conflicts with one of my sisters who is a religious zealot. It even got to the point where she was trying to convert her young nieces and nephews without the knowledge of the parents which led to some screaming and yelling matches when it was discovered. Avoidance of this sister is also how I choose to reduce the tension level.


You should see some of the emails I get from family members...they are real doozies! I have gotten into the practice of ignoring them because otherwise I feel compelled to write back and tell them what I really think and that's not good for any of us...


Sometimes the relationship is worth more than the argument. My aunt is a zealot, and I have blocked her from my e-mail because of the crazy ones she sends me. If I don't look at them, I don't foam at the mouth, so that is how I deal with it. Avoidance.

Barbara W. Klaser

Hooray for tolerance-and that daring gal out there on that limb.


Hurray for the Universe. It isn't easy to increase ones level of tolerance - lord knows I struggle with this when it comes to political/social issues. But I agree with you that family is so worth the effort. Congratulations and it's nice to see you again!


Hi, I read your post at Monicas and yours hear! What a great atitude. An attitude if Gratiude! Thank you for sharing you feelings. Have a good wekend.


I'd bet Bill sees you in a new way too. Love your site.


i've never done this, it is too daring for me :)
great idea...
hoping all is well for you!


Good Story...lessons for everyone this week. You encouraged me to post mine.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who has relatives like that! :-) And it does pay to be tolerant, or in my case, exclude most talk of things religious. Good for you for saying what you needed to say and still talk to your brother!

Great illo, too!


I like the illustration. The butterflies are great, and it reminds me of when I was a child - I almost lived in my grandparents tree.


hee hee...i hope she catches a butterfly and not a broken neck! i'll have to take that quiz, would be interesting to see where i rank. hell-bound i'm sure.


She is so sweet, I really like those clouds and butterflies.


i took the belief quiz 2 years ago and came up with the same thing you did- but reversed (unitarian first). interesting stuff!

i like the butterflies up high... they must be her guardian angels... her wings if she falls.


Me too. Unitarion/pagan-ish in spite of adoring Anglican music. My family is pretty much the same... but... I live in TEXAS. Oh dear! Not near Mr. Delay, but even at 10 hours away, it's too close.

Your "soft" photo was wonderful. I hope you sell it for a fortune... stock or not!


So cute! I *love* her hair! So kicky! Great story too!


Cute illustration. Nice cloud effects. Funny, one forgets about butterflies until the spring. Now I miss seeing them...better get the flowers planted!


These family things are always so tough but worth the effort to get right...


cute illo and lovely story! I am like you i guess...neo-pagan........and i have troubles sometimes with my family and their interesting views...but it's good to see the other side isn't it? Glad you had a revelation!


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