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Friday, April 15, 2005



It is so nice to see you well again.. I wasn`t ok last 2 weeks either..but now I am getting better Thank GOD ...last week`s comment is coming now :)
he looks really sad..I hope he will feel better soon and go back to buzy bee life back like you do:)
best wishes..


This is a cute illustration. :0) I hope you're feeling better!


hahaha, love the illo. Glad you're feeling better.


Oh, he's sad... I hope he will recover soon, like you :-)


Love the little springy guts sticking out! So cute! Poor little Robot.

Paige Keiser

Get well soon Diane--adorable illo!


Feel better soon, Diane! It's too nice to be stuck in a sick bed.


Awww ! He looks so sad ! Maybe he could use some arms on his body as you fix him, so that he can play with all the other robots. Great idea !

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