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Wednesday, April 06, 2005



Love the illo! Oh good to know about stonehenge, I have always wanted to go, but it sounds like I woul dbe happier to go to Avebury (and that cute little pub in the photo) - I am off to look at photos from the trip now!


I saw Stonehenge when it didn't have a fence (How OLD am I?) but even then in 1977, the cars were queued miles up the road and even as a child I found the volume of tourists depressing and it really spoiled the impact of Stonehenge itself for me.


It's perfect for this week's theme! I love it!


Nice illo...glad you had a fab time!! I love travelling too and am so glad to be back as well. When i went to Wiltshire i saw a most fantastic crop cirlcle...that was right after seeing Stonehenge!



Great idea!!! She looks a little nervous preparing to enter the pub....I don't blame her...who knows what sort of warm beer awaits her!


Great idea!!! She looks a little nervous preparing to enter the pub....I don't blame her...who knows what sort of warm beer awaits her!



My husband shares the same sentiment about Stonehenge receiving more press than it's worth. I keep giving him hints that I'd like to go there, but he always says just about the same thing that you just posted!

Now that I have a second opinion, I can sleep better tonight. ;-) Loved the embellished illo!


Now I want to go Avebury. Great trip report!


Welcome back and what a great take on travel - the combination of photo and drawing is great :-)


I live not far from a Red Lion Inn based on the one in your photo. Great illustration! When I finally get to England someday, I'll be sure to go to Avebury. Thanks for the tip!


Oh this pic made me so homesick! I'm half american/half british. Lot's of family over there. Great idea for this weeks topic. Glad you're back.


Stonehenge must just have better press. Brittany(in France) has many Stonehenge-like formations; I'm wondering if they are as touristy.


Welcome back. What a good topic for you, great illustration.


i am hungry for fish & chips now! lovely concept, combining the photograph and how personal!

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