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Wednesday, May 04, 2005



hi - this was fun... thanks for sharing...
here are mine...

If I could be a farmer...
i would farm the world's best tomatoes and share them for free...

If I could be a musician...i'd play piano all day long and into the evening...

If I could be a chef... i'd make the best macaroni and cheese or fettucini alfredo... all of my dishes would be heavenly and have no calories!

If I could be a librarian... i'd fully stock my library with art books and biographies of great artists.

If I could be a professor...i'd teach art appreciation and run summer art camps for adults in vermont or new hampshire :)

If I could be a writer... i'd teach others to love writing!

If I could be a TV-Chat Show host...
i'd interview Oprah, Bono, Jimmy Carter and Hillary Clinton...


It's always good to have a meme-tag in case you don't know what else to write!! Maybe tomorrow.... Thanks. It's hard to have a child leave for college... but it is amazing how much they learn on their own... and how much they appreciate themselves, AND the help you gave them up to that point!


ooooh... your's are good. You're a love to play along-:)

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