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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Barbara W. Klaser

What a darling invite. She looks so happy.


I love how you mix illustration and photos!


Cute illo!


This is great!


Oh!! I love this! What a cutie your niece is! All pregnant and happy! aw.


Oh this is sweet :-)

Well, growing up ain't always fun allthough you can't wait for it to happen, but that's just until somebody comes with expectations and counts on you being responsable - then it's just no fun growing up anymore ;-)


Nice card!! And as for Ross... my soon-to-be 19 yr. old son has fretted since he turned 13 about growing up and having to be a boring, responsible adult. He is STILL pining for Peter Pan.


really funny card ^^ I like it. ^^



You are incredible! So, you are getting close to throwing your last "birdie" out of the nest?


This is absolutely the most fabulous card! I bet Marantha was just so tickled that you did this for her. Love it!



she looks so pretty:)very lovely illo:)


what a fun invite! and i'm so happy you went to your mil's party...i get so sad when those things are organized, and only a handful of families show up. your mil is a very lucky girl to have you!


this is a very cute card! i'm sure everyone loved them. the pattern in the dress is great.

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