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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Paige Keiser

Too cute! Nice job!


I wish I could find a swimsuit top that's as cute as the one Miss Mermaid is wearing! I love that pattern!
Hope you are having a good time with your kids...the whole family together again. Hooray!


"Shell-phone" How funny! Cute mermaid...love the fish


I agree about the big fish and the little fish...they are adorable!!


oh that's adorable :) a very cute illo!


fun that you turned your shell into a phone ! (and thanks for your comment)


You must be VERY excited that Adam's coming home! And here's to HOT weather in PDX...woohoo! (It's hot here, too.) Hey, wait a minute...it's nearly Rose Festival time...it's supposed to be RAINING!! :) Cute illo.


great illo, hahhaha, love that she's talking on a "shell-phone".


A "shell phone"! LOL! Fantastic!!


That is a very cute illo Diane.I like the the texture on mermaid's tail too..so lovely. The little and the big fish are in such a great colour and shape..I love the whole theme.
have a great weekend:)


How lovely illustration! Especially the texture on mermaid's tail and bikinitop is pretty.
I want that shell-mobile, it's way cooler than my boring, traditional model.


This is very cheerful - I like it :-)

Have a nice week and a wonderful weekend :-)


Can you believe that it's Memorial Day weekend and the weather is so nice? (fingers crossed) It will be wonderful to have your kids home! I would like mine to go away for a while.


it's ariel! too cute. love the write-up as to what she's up to...
cheers luv!


So cute! And I like the colors...


i like the two fish next to each other. in fact, i'd like to see this as its own little painting... i think it would be an effective icon/image.

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