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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Barbara W. Klaser

Sending good thoughts for Bonnie and Barley.


Beautiful. I love giraffes too. They're great animals.


Giraffes are my most favorite animal!...or at least, most favorite exotic animal (because I really do prefer dogs the most). What a fantastic illo, and those eyes are so expressive.
Glad to hear Bonnie is getting some rest. I'm sure some TLC from you, and she'll feel better in no time.
And sorry to hear Barley isn't improving. I'm always so sad to hear about ailing dogs, because as you know, they are so much a part of the family.


Really nice illustration, the compostion, everything-so sorry about all the sickies at your house. I am sure you will nourish them as you see fit. (sorry about the play on words!)


I love this illo, Diane. The expression is so sweet!

I really hope Bonnie and Barley are on the mends and feeling back to normal and great soon. I agree with you about doggie intuition.

Also, I wanted to thank you thank you thank you for your really kind comment and sharing your very personal trauma with me. I have so much hope for the future because I know you have a bevy of wonderful children. Take good care and thank you again, warmly!


hope she feels better! and i love the giraffe!


Darling giraffe! Glad Bonnie is home with you and you're there to take care of her. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Barley waits unti Adam is home. I've seen it happen before.


Very cute illustration! I love giraffes too.

I Hope Bonnie and Barley feel better soon!


I hope Bonnie soon feels better too..I wish Barley is gonna feel better too:( ..and your idea and illo is so sweet and true ..
have a great week..!


Oh I hope Bonnie feels better soon - and Barley, I agree with you, I think that dogs are intuitive like that too. My heart is praying for him!


I love the eyes! (I always wanted ones that color, although not sticking out from my head) I hope Bonnie soon feels better. I had been wondering how Barley was doing; I think you are absolutely correct about dogs being intuitive.


Great idea, your giraffe has lots of character too, well done.


This is so sweet! Esp. because it means so much to you. Hope you daughter feels better.

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